The Affordable Art Fair 2021

The Affordable Art Fair 2021


The Affordable Art Fair Opens Today


See You There

The HK Convention & Exhibition Centre

Hall 1E - Booth C08

Thursday 26th - Sunday 29th




In this new collection the cityscape is refined into bold, bright icons. Drawing its name from the Greek word for colour, Chroma, I have abstracted picture postcard Hong Kong into a vibrant burst of Pop Art images.  

Now blurred edges are refined into geometric line; cross-hatched slivers of the city find their edges in a shared plain of bright acrylic. And yet, among the hyper-focused, electric imagery, human touches and life play out: a man picks his teeth in a door jamb framed by pots, a woman leans from her window to escape the humidity whilst another juggles her phone and umbrella walking down the street.

I cannot wait to expand this work - with new colour combinations and different imagery. I plan to bring in a lot more flora and fauna - creating a delicate balance we often experience in HK, between the curving softer edges of the foliage and the solid architectural lines of the buildings. 


Hope to see you at the fair.





El x

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