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Painting at a live event is always a huge buzz for me and I welcome the opportunity to do so.

I have also had the pleasure of painting murals in schools, hospitals, orphanages, offices and private homes.

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Artist In residence

Murals | Mosaics | Painting | Sculpture | Printing

With 20 years of experience running projects in schools, I enjoy designing exciting workshops for teachers and students alike. I am passionate about passing on skills and I work in a variety of media to suit a varied curriculum.


Art Packs

Chameleon Workshop

I ran my own art school, Chameleon Workshop, for 10 years and have subsequently worked with a toy company to produce a range of fine art activity packs. The printing and Pop Art painting packs won an award from the HKTDC when we first launched. I am currently working to develop the Sculpture range in our series.