About Chameleon Workshop

Eleanor McColl set up Chameleon Workshop in 2002 with the aim of establishing a unique creative space, where people of any age could come to learn and explore their artistic side. Eleanor was keen to offer as many varied workshops and courses as possible and of the highest standard.

Throughout the week the studio was alive with toddlers, school students, teenagers, adults and corporate groups coming to do one off workshops, courses and parties. There was something for everyone, from Renaissance Oil Painting and Life Drawing to Baby Picasso and Chameleon Teens

However, after 9 years Eleanor was keen for a new challenge. She was itching to concentrate on her own artwork and also spend more time at home with her growing family. In 2011 the studio closed to the public and began to focus on other aspects of the business.

The change in focus has allowed Eleanor to expand her own portfolio and exhibit her work here in Hong Kong, New York, Singapore and Vietnam.

In 2015 having had the space to grow and create, Chameleon Workshop launched a range of Art Packs together with toy company Nobel Creative.  The kits received an instant award at the HK stationary fair and they are now available in a number of shops in HK.  

Chameleon Workshop continues to grow and different ways. Change is how we stay creative!