Is all the work available in print form?

No, there are 3 types of work that I make at the moment.

  • Paintings are all original one off pieces. I usually paint with Oil on linen but also work in acrylic, especially for abstract pieces.
  • Photomontages are typically made using two photographs woven or pieced together. These come in limited editions of 10 but each one is hand made by me, so effectively it is a unique piece. With some editions there is only 1 original photomontage and then 10 subsequent prints at a more affordable price.
  • Limited Edition Prints are made from my collage works of art and they are usually in runs of 100 or 50 per artwork. 

What is a limited edition print?

My prints are made in limited editions of 100 or 50. Once those prints have ben sold, no more prints can be issued. This makes them more valuable.  Each print is signed and numbered by me.

What kind of paper is used to create the print?

Limited editions are printed on archival pigment paper. The use of pigmented inks for the purpose of archival printing is ideal as they can have a storage life up to, and beyond, 200 years; when stored in a museum-quality frame under ideal conditions and lighting.

How will my work arrive?

Each print is mounted on white matt board and is posted or shipped flat with a certificate of authenticity signed by me.

What does the number fraction on my print mean?

Most prints come in editions on 100, If the number is 27/100 it means that your print is number 27 out of 100 in the edition.

What about limited edition photomontages?

I hand weave or hand cut all the photomontage work. They typically come in limited editions of 10 but each individual piece is somewhat unique as it may be woven slightly differently. Each piece is effectively hand made by me.

Will the artist sign all work?

I sign and number all limited edition prints and I also sign all photomontage works in my signature style of scratching into the photograph or stamping holes.

Paintings can vary.  For commissioned work I usually sign the back but this can be discussed. Sometimes I hide my signature somewhere in the painting. I often don't like to sign the artwork as it breaks up the flow of the picture but each piece is different.  Please make a request for me to sign the front of the work if you would like me to do so.

What about refunds or returns

I pack artwork to withstand any damage but please just email a clear picture of the damage within 15 days of receiving it and return the damaged artwork. I will ship you a replacement.