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Eleanor McColl

Adult Drop-in Classes

Adult Drop-in Classes

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Drop-in Adult classes.  With a studio full of materials you are free to come and choose your own project - Journal, paint, decoupage a frame or create a mixed media canvas. Why not bring in your old photos and create art or make an amazing family journal?

This class is the ultimate in meditative practice and once you've been shown a few tips and techniques, any fear you may have surrounding art will disappear! 

I'm adding a new element to these sessions. I am setting up a Still Life each week so that people can come and practice drawing or painting. Once a month I will get a Life Model in so that we can practice with a live subject too.  

1 Session @$450

4 Sessions @$1600 ($400)

8 Sessions @$2800 ($350)

Buy 4 sessions and use in 6 weeks. Buy 8 and use in 12 weeks.

Location: 19F Greenfield Court, Midvale Village, Discovery Bay

Email me - to reserve a space.  Please book and pay now online. 


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